Churches can have complicated or simple requirements for a website, starting from a basic 1 – 5 page site all the way up to a site running events, ticketing, e-commerce, podcasts and sometimes videos. 899 design can take care of all these solutions working with plugins and best design standard to make your site stand out. We can provide all services and plugins to get your site started, This includes Domain Registration, DNS, Hosting, Email solutions, Website Management and Maintenance. This makes 899 Design the perfect place to get your Church Website designed, hosted, and managed.

Website Design


Developed on WordPress

All our sites are Developed on WordPress allowing easy management, expandability, migration and server moves when and if required.


We use and provide many plugins, these plugins include podcasts, social media and event and ticketing management


All our websites are customisable and customised to your church requirements. No two churches are the same so why should your website.

High quality

We aim for all our sites to be of the highest quality, with the latest in design standard and recommendations.

Website Hosting


Managed servers

899 Design run and manage our servers allowing us to tweak and monitor usage allowing us to add and expand our resources as required.


We provide free SSL certificates on all our hosting plans. this helps to ensure your communications between user and servers are secure


Optional CDN to spread your content to the closest point for your users. This helps keep the sites responding fast and allows content to be delivered to the browser faster


All our servers are backed up including a separate backup for websites. Additional backups can be provided if required.

Website Maintenance


Website monitoring

We monitor and get notifications if your website goes down allowing us to resolve the issue fast.

Theme and plugin updates

From time to time there is patches that need to be applied to your site to fix bugs or make improvements. we do this for you so you can get on with life.


Malware can affect the largest of sites, we actively monitor and respond to these issues and resolve them.

Monthly reports

You will get a monthly report of work completed so you know how things are going.
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